Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm back! New pgs

Hello everyone! I'm finally able to start posting again. I hope you all had wonderful holidays.
Here is a background I finished- haven't started adding images but I do have some ideas.
Another idea I want to try is a double page spread calendar for January. I've seen some others doing this and it looked interesting. So I started out painting both pages blue.
I watered down the paint so it would spread better. I picked blue because I want to use a lot of snow images, stamps, stencils, etc.
Then I used my zinnia stencil and glitter paint to do a subtle snowflake in the background... at least that was my intention. I guess I forgot to clean the spray off my stencil so a lttle bit of purple mixed with the paint. Oh well, I actually like it! Here's a picture that shows some of the sparkle.
Sorry about the photo quality- I didn't get a camera for Christmas... but I did get some money and hopefully I'll be able to save up. I have to let the pages dry before I continue these pages, so I have time to think out what I'd like to add. Hopefully I'll get it done before January1.
Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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  1. Pretty, pretty... pretty love the glitter! :]
    Thank you for sharing, these pages look great.