Thursday, December 29, 2011

More on the calendar

I worked some more on my calendar pages. I added some snowflakes and numbered the spaces. Here's a closer look:
I just used pencil to makes the spaces- I may later go over it with marker. I think I'll leave it for now and mull over what else I want to do. Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm back! New pgs

Hello everyone! I'm finally able to start posting again. I hope you all had wonderful holidays.
Here is a background I finished- haven't started adding images but I do have some ideas.
Another idea I want to try is a double page spread calendar for January. I've seen some others doing this and it looked interesting. So I started out painting both pages blue.
I watered down the paint so it would spread better. I picked blue because I want to use a lot of snow images, stamps, stencils, etc.
Then I used my zinnia stencil and glitter paint to do a subtle snowflake in the background... at least that was my intention. I guess I forgot to clean the spray off my stencil so a lttle bit of purple mixed with the paint. Oh well, I actually like it! Here's a picture that shows some of the sparkle.
Sorry about the photo quality- I didn't get a camera for Christmas... but I did get some money and hopefully I'll be able to save up. I have to let the pages dry before I continue these pages, so I have time to think out what I'd like to add. Hopefully I'll get it done before January1.
Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New page

At last another page done! The pictures are some relatives of mine from long ago. The page is of course filled with leftovers in the background and I got a new stencil at a thrift store- can you see it? It's an egyptian head. Anyway it was fun to work on this in spurts.
I won't be posting again until after Christmas because I am SOOO behind in the gift making dept and I need to get done!!!!! So have a Merry Christmas and I will be reading your blogs as I have time.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New page!

I finally finished a page in my art journal- it feels great to be dabbling with paint again!

This page has the most layers I've ever done. First it's a leftover page, then I glued all kinds of paper images down- words, pictures, tickets, music. Then I stenciled- when that was all dry, I painted over everything with yellow. I wanted to use a light color so the layers with words would show through. Then I stenciled on top of everything with bright pink and added the girls image and a stamp my sister sent my daughter when she was in Germany ( there were 2 so she gave me one). Lots of fun and everything from my stash :) I hope your day is going great!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sorry :(

Sorry I haven't had anymore art to show. I've been so busy working on craft shows I've barely got to work in my art journal :( But now the craft shows are over, but I got some orders for ornaments (YAY!!!) and I need to get those finished up. I even sold some of my art ornaments and that made me happy. I'm sure you all are busy getting ready for Christmas too so if I seem to be lost,  I'll be back and hopefully soon! Have a great Monday!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Art ornaments

Here are a few of my art ornaments:
These are made on heavy watercolor paper. I mostly did angels and took words from different books.
This one I made the wings myself and most have glitter paint on them for Christmasy sparkle.

This one I sprayed through a stencil and I did put glitter paint, but it's kind of hard to see. I still need to put the ribbons for hanging- the craft show is this Sat.
Have a Happy Monday!

Friday, November 25, 2011

More ornaments and a journal page (finally)

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. Our snow is gone (sigh...). Here are some more of the ornaments I've made:
For the words I stamped on some selvege I saved from my multitude of fabric!
A funny jester! I got this pattern from a vintage craft magazine and it is my first attempt at needle sculpting- it was fun!
This one is an upcycled ornament- the heart is from a wool skirt, the backing is scraps of batting, the words are on a selvege and the stitching thread around the outside is leftover from a mystery envelope swap! I like to use leftover scraps etc in my ornaments. Now for my journal page:
Not my best, but I did work on it and that's what counts...right?
Have a great weekend! We're hoping to put up our Christmas tree and decor- what are your plans?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

more ornaments:
A sweet little winter bird

Wise wooly owls- these are so fun to make! I'm still deciding about the scarves...I like them both ways.
Well that's all for me for the next few days. I have lots of cooking to do, house to clean, etc. 
I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving- count your blessings!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another ornament

I'm working on things for the next craft show which is definitely a Christmas  one. So ornaments galore! I am still working in my art journal, but it is  a lot slower- I run out to my studio to cut out some ornaments so I'll scrape paint on a page or glue on an image. Eventually I'll have some more to show and for now I'm doing a different kind of art! Have a great Monday- stay  warm!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pictures of craft show

My daughter Hannah manning the samples!
This is a bit of art I added to an apron.
We sold a lot of fudge and now  I'm exhausted! It's more tiring to sit for 7 hrs than to work around the house! I have 2 weeks before our next craft show so I'd better rest up the rest of the weekend. See you all Monday :)

Quick Post and ICAW # 17

Today is our craft show! I didn't have a camera yesterday so I don't have much to show , but I'll try to take some pictures today. Here is my ICAW
Not much, but I did get it done :)
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sewing journal page

This what I been doing most days:

Sewing like crazy! Still have a few aprons to finish before Saturday... also doing some hand sewing on ornaments. (sorry about the mixed up order of the photos :( don't know how that happened...)
Anyway we got 3" of snow last night! Love it!  Tonight is my granddaughter's 1st school program- can't wait to see her performing! Now off to make some more fudge- cookies and cream flavor :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

more stamps

Here are a couple of stamps I carved from erasers:
A funky bird- here it is stamped on a page:
Carving on an eraser is a lot harder than I thought. It was hard to make small lines since it was so stiff. I think I'd like to try the actual carving rubber next time.
Here is my sun:
They do stamp better than the craft foam and since the eraser was so thick, I was able to carve  2 on one eraser- one on each side!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recent page

 Making applesauce today as well as fudge. Went to pick up our coop order and still working on craft show stuff- BUSY!!! I hope you all have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Do you know the pumpkin man?

I hope this brings a smile to your Monday! Now time for me to make applesauce :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

ICAW # 16

Almost forgot my ICAW!

Grade school art

The other day we picked up my granddaughter from school- she's in kindergarten. For some reason I started thinking of some of the art projects I liked when I was in school and I decided to use one on this page.
We folded thepaper in half,opened it, and put paint on one side. Then we folded it closed and smushed it all over. When we opened it it looked like a butterfly! I loved that! So on this page, I put paint on one side pretty heavy, then closed the page. I smushed it together and opened it. I like it although I'll need to fill in on the right some more. The purple is leftover from a stencil with colorwash spray, so it even came out a little on the left.This isn't finished but it has an interesting start.
Anybody else remember art projects from grade school days?
Have a wonderful weekend (we have snow!)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Recent page- Dad

Another "leftovers" page- I guess I'm going to have a lot of those! Leftover stamping, paint scrapes, stencils, then scraped with orange acrylic. Stenciled some suns and punchnella and stamped. The picture is of my Dad as a boy- he used to tell me how my grandma used to dress him up in "outfits"- cowboy, sailor, etc. Funny :) She did love clothes.
I think I'll add some journaling later about my grandma- I do miss her still.
Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A different kind of "art"

This time of year I'm pretty busy getting ready to do craft shows and so getting to mess about with my paints and art journal  gets put second. But I do work get to be creative.
I make and sell homemade candy, especially fudge. The creative part comes from developing a variety of flavors. This is pumpkin fudge- I didn't develop this recipe, but I also make mocha almond, butterscotch choc, maple nut, german choc, peanut butter, peppermint, choc walnut, and this year raspberry and orange. I of course have my hubby and other family members try it! They say the raspberry tastes like sherbert-yum!
I also make aprons and other assorted crafts. This year for the Christmas show I'm going to put a little of my art out in the form of ornaments and see how that goes. So my art this week has mostly been the cooking kind, but I did manage to prep some pages I hope to show tomorrow.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

recent pages

We have SNOW!!! Just a little, but I love it! I've been very busy lately, but I have tried to do some art every day. Here's a recent page:
I'm trying use up some of the images I've collected before getting more... We all know how that goes! Isn't this picture too cute?
Hopes this brings you a smile! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another stamp and journal page

I saw another idea for stamping using yarn and a wood block. Here is the "stamp".
You just tape the yarn on the block, wrap the yarn around it and tape again on the back. Then dip in paint and stamp it on your page.
I like this because it adds texture and you can take the yarn off and put it back on in a different pattern. Here it is on a page:
On this next page you can see the yarn is wrapped differently. Also you can use different thicknesses of yarn. Lots of fun!
This page is in honor of the end of day light savings :)
Have a great Monday!