Thursday, April 12, 2012


I found this crazy image in a magazine- makes me thankful I have naturally curly hair! This is how they did perms in 1942- anyone want to try it?

This is a leftover page as always with acrylic paint scraped over it. Then I added some extra stenciling and the images. I wrote "relax" with a Sakura pigma pen with a brush tip. It writes really nice and I'm not sure where it came from... One of the things I like about art journaling is that you can use whatever you want; paint, pens, stencils, magazine images, etc. Most of the pages I do are humorous, at least to me. I need more laughter in my life so this is a way I try to do that. You can see my little troll friend in the top picture. It is too cold for her to be without clothing so I wrapped her in some fabric scraps- she feels much more comfortable now. I have lots of little things like that all around my house- I especially love gnomes! They remind me of my Dad- no he wasn't a gnome, but he used to tell stories  when we'd go for hikes in the woods and encourage us to look for them- good memories.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. A great page - I would never want to go through that, but fortunately I too have natural curly hair.
    Love the troll too!