Saturday, June 9, 2012

BreeAnn's quilt

Another quilt finished! I'm so excited. This one turned out better than the last- my machine quilting is getting more even and I love how puffy it turned out after washing.
Pink is her favorite color. The binding is scrappy and the blocks are all differnt patterns. I even quilted her name in the border.
It's a little hard to see. Her birthday is in December so  I'll be able to enter it in our guild's quilt show in September. I think she'll love it. Now on to the next quilt- I'm having a ball!!!


  1. Love the scrappy binding! I practice my quilting on charity quilts so many times that now I can probably do it in my sleep...yes practice is the key! I'm sure BreeAnn will be thankfully snuggling under it this winter!

  2. You are definitely on a roll, and a good one at that! Another beautiful quilt - I'm sure she'll love it.