Monday, August 1, 2011

Guess what I got?

These are some goodies I got in the mail today- I just had to show you!
I already tried out the zinnia stamp- very cool!
The pen is the one Roben Marie  recommends. I tried the spray dye and ir works wonderfully!
This is punchenella(?) I'm very excited to be trying that soon!
And as a nice surprise , she sent me this beautiful postcard of her art work.Can't wait to get back out there and try all the rest!!! I got all these wonderful goodies from the Art Goods Shoppe- check it out!


  1. Hi...thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like your art work!

  2. Wow those are some really great supplies. Enjoy yourself. Have a great day. Hugs, Kim

  3. Isn't it fun to get art goodies in the mail? I have several of the things you ordered....I'm just not sure which pile they're buried in!!