Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recent work

Hey all! Haven't done a whole lot of art this past week... But here a some of what I have done.
This is a page in progress. I tried out scraping paint through a stencil. It give a really cool texture, but uses a lot more paint. Still it makes the page "touchable". The yellow I scraped through punchnella reminded me of fish scales so I drew a fish around them!
I'm also starting to explore painting/collage on canvas. Here is a WIP
We'll see how this progresses. Right now this is titled "Under the Sea". This is an 11x14" flat canvas. I also bought these 16x20" regular canvas.
I want to do a boldly colored abstract for my bedroom. And this is one of the sewing projects I've made for my beautiful granddaughter>
Isn't she cute?! Hope you all have a great week!


  1. The fish looks great! When things like that happen it's good to just go with the idea.

    Your granddaughter looks so cute!

  2. Your fish page is wonderful - I LOVE it and think it looks finished as it is, but I am prepared to be proved wrong, Shawn!
    I look forward to seeing how your collage progresses.
    You are clearly so talented - your granddaughter's top is lovely!