Tuesday, March 20, 2012

star gazing

Happy 1st day of Spring! We had snow all morning...
Here  is a new page-

Lots of colors and layers- the orange is some spray fabric paint in neon colors. Works pretty good, but much thinner paint than I'm used to working with.
Here's a funny stamp I found at a thrift store:
Whoever heard of making slugs as a design for stamps? I mean, snails yes, but slugs?! So of course I had to get it- for 25 cents, how could I pass it up? I am busy with other art projects, but no pictures yet. Mostly sketches for some fused art quilts I want to make. Maybe pics soon...
Have a great week!


  1. I see "STARS"...!!
    Your background colors and designs are looking great. :]

  2. Shawn, your pages are just stunning - you are just so creative. Great colours and I love how you use your stencils.
    What an interesting stamp - not sure I would have bought it, but then for 25 Cents... and I love your background.