Thursday, September 6, 2012


I love vintage pillow cases! I look for them at yard sales and thrift stores whenever I can. I love to see all the detail that others put into the embroidery and crocheted edgings- always so beautiful. I use them for as long as I can, but eventually they will rip or become discolored since they are already old and loved before I get them. But usually the edging decoration is still intact- so what to do with that?
I make aprons!
Half aprons with the vintage edging for the ruffle.
I can't imagine all the work this took to make. That's alot of love put into a pillowcase!
Isn't this beautiful? Whenever I get to use one of these pillow cases on my pillows, it makes me happy! Then when they become aprons I either sell them or give them for gifts for others to enjoy.
Have a Happy Thursday!

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