Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have been very busy getting ready for another yard sale. We are doing a MAJOR down -sizing because we may have to move to a smaller place. So not too much sewing going on since my sewing area is a mess! But I have beeb working on sorting my scraps for future scrap quilts. I'm taking my scraps from this:
to this:
I'v read a lot of books on how to store your scraps so I've combined many methods. I sort by color into plastic shoes boxes or small, clear tubs. Then I ironed all the scraps from one tub. Next I laid them out and straightened up the edges. Then I try to cut the largest shape I can- sometimes it's a 5" strip or just a 5" square. I don't save smaller that a 1 1/2"  strip. I do try to cut squares or strips in sizes that are commonly used in quilting. It sounds like a big job, but I'm only doing a box a day. Once I catch up I'm going to try to keep up by cutting the scraps up after every project. I do a lot of clothing sewing so I have odd shaped scraps from that too. We'll see how I do, but I think it will really help me use my scraps up more quickly. So how do you deal with your scraps? Do you have a great method you could share?  Have a great day!


  1. Well done, those boxes look great. I have sorted my scraps by colour and find them so much easier to work with now!

  2. So organised. I keep meaning to sort my paper stash into colours, but it hasn't happened yet!

  3. I don't keep mine organized, just in a huge huge basket that is overflowing. I dump it out when I'm looking for something specific. And twice, not once, a huge spider was in there.