Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quilt show

Here are a few of the quilts in our quilt show:
These are just a few of our featured quilter, Gayle Hunt's quilts. She does beautiful work and is the sweetest person. She calls herself the "scrap queen" and makes most of her quilts from scraps. She handed out some free packets with scraps and a pattern for a cool block to try!
Here is one of my quilts- so exciting! And I love the quilt next to it- it's called an "S" block- I think I need to try that too!
Here are some of the small quilts. They said we had over 200 quilts entered! It was definitely packed.
We also had 5 vendors- 4 from quilt shops and one is my friend Bobbie who make hand thrown clay jewelry. For the quilt show she makes some of it with quilting motifs.
The quilt show is also today, so I don't know who won any ribbons yet. There were so many beautiful quilts- lots of inspiration!
Have a great weekend!
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  1. It looks a fabulous show - the quilts look stunning.