Thursday, November 10, 2011

A different kind of "art"

This time of year I'm pretty busy getting ready to do craft shows and so getting to mess about with my paints and art journal  gets put second. But I do work get to be creative.
I make and sell homemade candy, especially fudge. The creative part comes from developing a variety of flavors. This is pumpkin fudge- I didn't develop this recipe, but I also make mocha almond, butterscotch choc, maple nut, german choc, peanut butter, peppermint, choc walnut, and this year raspberry and orange. I of course have my hubby and other family members try it! They say the raspberry tastes like sherbert-yum!
I also make aprons and other assorted crafts. This year for the Christmas show I'm going to put a little of my art out in the form of ornaments and see how that goes. So my art this week has mostly been the cooking kind, but I did manage to prep some pages I hope to show tomorrow.
Have a great day!


  1. Oh, darn....I wish I could reach through this monitor and grab some of that fudge! It sounds delicious.

  2. Thanks Janet- wish I could let you try some :)

  3. Yummy!!
    Fudge is my favorite candy to make for the holidays too :]
    Pumpkin fudge, now that I have never heard of... but would love to try it. Would you be willing to share the recipe?
    Here is my email address
    Also, Shawn I know how much you enjoy art journaling, would you be interested in signing up for my "traveling journal"?
    Here is the link with all the details:
    Do hope you with join in on the fun?! :]