Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grade school art

The other day we picked up my granddaughter from school- she's in kindergarten. For some reason I started thinking of some of the art projects I liked when I was in school and I decided to use one on this page.
We folded thepaper in half,opened it, and put paint on one side. Then we folded it closed and smushed it all over. When we opened it it looked like a butterfly! I loved that! So on this page, I put paint on one side pretty heavy, then closed the page. I smushed it together and opened it. I like it although I'll need to fill in on the right some more. The purple is leftover from a stencil with colorwash spray, so it even came out a little on the left.This isn't finished but it has an interesting start.
Anybody else remember art projects from grade school days?
Have a wonderful weekend (we have snow!)

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  1. I don't remember many art projects from my school days. Mostly we just got mimeographed pictures to color....I went to school back in the dark ages!