Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dreams are songs in our hearts

This is the page I practiced painting words- You can barely see them (need more practice :)
I scraped paint over the top and then stenciled a bunch of different things. I love the girl image! She seems to be looking right at you! I added the butterfly and some pink chalk to her cheeks. Here is a little closer look:
I added some jewels to the hearts for dimension. This is the first time I've written words like a title on the page. I think I like it! I used a permaball pen- they work great on paint. I have started another page- Come see on Monday :) Have a great weekend!


  1. A fabulous page - I love the details the stencils have created.

  2. Great artwork on this journal page, keep it up!
    Looks fantastic :]

  3. This page is great! The background with all the stencils works perfectly for the image. She is so cute, and you're right, she is looking right at me.

    Have a great day!