Monday, October 3, 2011

More pages

This is a crazy one- just for fun :)
Not a great picture because of the glare... crazy huh?
This one I tried masking. I scraped paint first then glued on the image. Then I masked the image and stenciled through a doily in white. Worked out pretty well.
I am exhausted now- just got back from 4 hours grocery shopping and errands! Time to eat and take a nap :)


  1. This is great! Love the first journal page. LOL
    That is what art is all about... "having fun, letting go!"
    Enjoy the process :]

  2. The "crazy" one is my favorite!

    Your grocery shopping day sounds like my Wednesdays. It always takes us several hours to do all the groceries and errands. Then I just collapse on the couch!