Monday, October 24, 2011

You could call this a leftover page. I put stencils with ink still on it, finished stamping an image, scraped leftover paint on my card, and did the same with the tag at the top. Great way to use leftovers.
Here's another crazy image I found, this time in a Vogue magazine. At our library's book used book sale they offer magazines for free! So I try to pick up some when I go.
I'm really liking having birds on my pages. The perfume bottle actually has a place to sniff- phew!
Hope you all are having a great Monday!


  1. Lovely journal pages, Shawn.
    I agree... including birds in your artwork is fun! :]

  2. Shawn, your art is amazing!
    I love the repeating whirlpool of flowers!
    P.S. Thank you so much for dropping by at my place with such a sweet comment!

  3. Fun pages! Leftovers and crazy-haired women....I love it!!