Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recent pages

This page I repainted probaby 4 times! I just din't like it. It's hard to see but underneath it all I scraped paint through a stencil, which made a cool raised up image. When it dried, I scraped a green color and the sprayed and dripped some colorwash. Yuck! Then I glued on some scraps of paper- still didn't like the colors. So I scraped the whole thing with turquoise- better. I still did not like the drips. So I did some punchnella over it and tried out a new stamp I carved. I'm liking the page now, but haven't decide if I'm done yet.
I started this page with a technique I saw on a blog that encourages doing art with kids(sorry, I can't remember where...) First you put down painters tape in the rough shape of a tree, then paint over the whole page. After it's dry you take off the tape and you then have a white tree! Worked pretty cool! I'm not finished yet, but I added some sponge marks for wonky blossoms as a start.
It's amazing what you can get done even in  little bits of time throughout the day. Hope you all have a great day!


  1. I like that you didn't give up on your page and just kept going because I think it looks great. And I also like the painter's tape trees.

  2. It's gorgeous - worth all the effort. The trees are great too.
    To answer your question: I don't prefer digital over paint, probably the other way around, but it is fun and sometimes just a bit easier particularly when I don't have much time as I don't have to clear my workspace and get everything out!! J x

  3. Love, love... love the hearts! :]
    Keep it going... even if you are not feeling it, your "mojo" will kick in.
    Nice work, thanks for sharing your thoughts.