Tuesday, January 31, 2012

some new pages finished

This picture makes me grin too!
This is a leftover page, some stencils and some items from a vintage geography book. The big dog is a piece of junk mail. That's the only kind of junk mail I like!
Some more stamping( some I carved), stencils, another picture from the geography book, and some punchnella to look a little like snow.
And this is how my calendar pages turned out:
The big ? means I waited too long to write what I did that day... This was a fun project, but since this was part of my art journal, it stayed out in my art area (aka "studio") and I wasn't as faithful to write in it as I would have been if it had been inside my house.
I hope you all are having a great week! I hope to have more pages to show tomorrow.


  1. I love that dog! Can you tell me what kind of paint I would use o paint on rocks? Also can you tell me what you use to white out the background of a book to alter it. I have never done these things, only scrapbooking and I am so wanting to try making some pages and altering a book. But I do not know where to start. You know I love your pages! I have a cool book. But I do not know what other products I need - I never really use paint etc. So I am like a baby...who needs some simple steps to get started!

  2. Hi Dawn! I'm no expert,but this what I do. For painting on rocks I just use regular acrylic paint. If they are going to outside then it's probably best to seal them with some kind of outdoor sealer. As for altering a book, many people use gesso to cover any writing etc. Sometimes I use it, but many times I just paint over it and if some words show through that's okay. The journal I'm doing right now was actually a sketch book, so the pages were already white and the paper was thick enough that I didn't have to glue them together. If your are using a real book (like a library discard) you probably want to remove some of the pages because paint, etc adds to the width.And if the pages are very thin you will want to glue 2-3 pages together so they're thick enough to take paint and not rip. Those are a few pointers I've learned,but the main thing is have fun. You don't have to do any of the things I've said and just experiment on your own. Like for me; I heard you had to gesso before you paint, so I did. I didn't like it though, so next time I just painted and it worked fine. Now I hardly ever gesso. By the way, you can get gesso at art store, Walmart, Michaels, just about any hobby place. Well I hope this has been helpful. I like to check out other blogs to see what people are doing- sometimes I try it sometimes I put my own spin on it. Have fun!

  3. Thanks, Shawn! I will try Gesso - love the new page (with the girl) from today!