Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another bathing beauty with a little map of Venice- never been there , but I would like to go someday... The st amp I got for a quarter at a yard sale! Love it when I find treasures :)

On this page I collaged first, then stenciled and the scraped yellow and orange paint. Then I added an image from a magazine. I tried to color in the cat with chalk and then distress ink, but... It's okay, but the cat looks kind of mad.
This is my youngest daughter Hannah and she is 23 years old today. Yes I know I'm "old".
This is something I made her for her birthday.
She loves pink and brown and she picked out the image. I used a composition notebook, a piece of music, magazine image, stencil and distress ink aroung the edges of the music. She really likes it.
Happy birthday Hannah!
And speaking of birthdays, today is also my grandson Kenny's birthday and he is 4!
Happy birthday Kenny!
Have a great Tuesday everyone :)


  1. More cool pages. And lots of birthdays! You can't be old....I have grand daughters about the age of your daughter!

  2. Oops! I forgot to say your daughter and your grandson are both so cute. I like the hat your daughter is wearing. She looks cute peeking out from it.

  3. Wow!
    Lots to celebrate today :]
    Wishing your daughter & grandson a very happy birthday!!
    Thank you for sharing your pages, love the photos.