Monday, September 5, 2011

ICAW #7 and journal page

Here is my newesr ICAW. I scraped acrylic paint on background and layed punchenella on top and started sponging different colors through it. When I took off the stencil I thought it kind of looked like flowers so I stamped the word bloom. Very fun :)
Isn't this a funny picture? I got the image from a Smithsonian magazine. Okay this one has lots of layers, even though you can't really see them all. First on the plain white page I stamped a bunch of random stamps I was trying out. Then I scraped paint on top of that. Then I too a lg paper doily and sponged white acrylic paint though it- a little tricky since the paper is so thin and stcks to the sponge.
Then I tried the picture on it , but it didn't show up enough, so I tore a page from an old dictionary with the word pelican on it and glued that down. Then glued the pelican- I really like this page!
Although when I looked at it from afar, it kind of looks like snow... Maybe next time I'll do a winter picture :)
I hope you have a happy Monday!

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  1. Oh my...!
    This cracks me up :]
    Love the picture, nice job Shawn.
    Happy Monday <3