Friday, September 2, 2011

trying new things

Here is my first try at painting words- actually turned out better than I thought. Julie at Balzers Designs does this a lot so I thought I'd try. I also used some of the scrap pieces of waxed paper that I use between my pages when I paint- I just tore strips and tore a heart shape. A different look but interesting- added a little stenciling too- I'm really enjoying using stencils lately.
Only one page to show today- still need to take pictures of some others. Off for some yard saling with my daughter. Happy Friday!


  1. It looks good. I've never tried to paint words. I also like the use of the waxed paper. I do the same thing when I paint. It's a great way to keep your other pages clean....but I've never thought about using it in my journal as art. You always think of so many ways to use new things.

  2. Like the bold colors of this journal page, nice work!
    I agree, wax paper works well, to keep the other journal pages clean. But sometimes, you just got to let go... and get messy!!! It is all a process, have fun :]
    Enjoy yard sale hopping, you lucky gal.
    Take care <3

  3. Your painted word looks GREAT! Thanks for being a part of Art Journal Every Day!

  4. Looks great, I have a few projects I want to try with some wax paper. Have a great weekend, Hugs, Kim