Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm back kind of...

Here are a few pgs I did before my health crisis
On this one I painted acrylic first the stenciled a bunch of things, then sprayed over another stencil.

On this pg I painted first then stenciled ART. Then I stamped with a kind od wave stamp I got at a yard sale. When that was all dry, I outlined the ART with my perma ball pen, the used puffy orange paint on the waves and green glitter paint on the waves. Fun new things for me.
Here is the cover of another composition journal. I had lots of fun just adding color and using all kinds of stencil things.
That's all for today. I thank everyone for all th kind commnets on my health. I am finally home from the hospital after an emergency from my previous gal bladder surgery- pretty tramatic for all of us here. I feel pretty weak as this my first day home, but I did actually do some art! With my daughter's supervision :) Have a great weekend!


  1. Yea! It's good to see you posting again....and such pretty pages. Don't you just love stencils?

    Now just rest and get well.

  2. This looks like fun!!
    You must be having a wonderful time with your stencils. :]
    They are addicting!!
    Take care, Shawn. Rest when you need to. <3