Monday, September 19, 2011

more pgs

I just LOVE this stencil! I used different colors of acrylic paint through the stencil, then sponged a bit more atound the edges to finish it off.

This pg is a little weird I think. Of course I scraped paint first. Then I dribbled som black ink and blew on it so it would run. Then I dribbled some plum color wash spray ink and blew on it. After it all dried I decided to stencil some bright flowers in yellow acrylic. You can see though that where the paint is on the color wash ink it bleeds through. I like the way it turned out, but it was unexpected. I'm taking Julie Balzer's stencil class. Haven't actually been able to start yet- I'm hoping to feel well enough today to start. I'm really enjoying using stencils- there's tons you can do with them!
Happy Monday!


  1. Great pages! I have that same stencil and I use it quite a lot. The spray inks will always bleed through paint or gesso. Sometimes it can be a very interesting effect. I like it on your flower page.

    I'm doing Julie's stencil class too. I hope you feel better today so you can play a little bit.

  2. Shawn, to answer your question as to why I use phone book pages....they're easy to find, almost everyone has them readily available, they don't cost anything, and they free me up because if I make a bad drawing I'm not wasting good paper.

    When I have the basic drawing done on the phone book page I adhere it to some watercolor paper or some Bristol paper and it just adds more texture and interest in the background.

  3. Thank you for sharing!
    I really like your page with the flowers, fantastic :]