Friday, February 10, 2012

Doodle class page

I'm taking a free class over at Strathmore from Traci Bautista and it's been very interesting. Here's my page:
Pretty wild huh? I really like it actually. Here's some closer looks:

We used A LOT of different supplies; many I'd never really used before like oil pastels and india ink. I really liked the india ink! I didn't have a pen, just some ink so I used a turkey feather quill! How funny is that?! The very soft, "furry" areas is the oil pastels. The white is a wite out pen- still trying to figure out how to use those... Another cool thing for me is my dad was an art teacher/artist and he passed away afew years ago. In this class I'm getting to use many of his art supplies! He never taught us kids any art so I've learned on my own from blogs and books, but I think of him whenever I do my art. So this page has multiple layers of paint etc and NO collage!  This was something new for me and I had a lot of fun doing it. You all should check out this class at Strathmore online-- it's free!


  1. It's a great class. I like Traci's style and have taken another class with her, too.

    Your page looks really good. Lots of color and cool designs. I think it's interesting that your dad didn't share art with you. But then my mom was a great cook but never allowed me in the kitchen. I didn't learn to cook until I was married and then it was almost too late!

  2. What fun!!!
    Yes, Traci is a fantastic teacher, love her classes.
    If you are enjoy these, try purchasing one of she books... AWESOME! :]
    These pages look great. I can tell you are having a wonderful time .

  3. This looks FABULOUS, Shawn. I love the colour and composition.
    P.S. no problems about the award!