Monday, February 6, 2012

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This is my experiment of doodling. I think I need to practice more... I was also tring out my new paint dabber- that's how I made the hearts before doodling. The paint doesn't flow like I thought it would, but I'll keep trying.
This is a leftover page that I liked so much I didn't cover it with paint! I haven't done a white page for a long time, but I kind of like it. I also used some of my cool tape around the picture and of course punchnella! Ilove using that! I liked the sunburst image too, especially since it's been sunny here lately.
I'm not sure how much art I will get done this week because I am exhausted! My hubby started a new job and he works nights- now you may be wondering why that would affect me. Well....I have a tendency to overly concerned?...okay,worry. So I wake up often and need to make sure he made it home okay, etc. Once he gets regulated with the sleep pattern I'll feel better!
So until I have more pages to show-Have a great week!


  1. Great colors! Love both of these...Oh, worrying energy needs to be directed into creativity , of course. Hope you adjust. I totally understand. My hubs often gets home for midnight and works in the next state @ 1 hour away from home!

  2. Two wonderful, and very different, pages. I LOVE the colours and doodles in the top one.
    P.S. I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. If you are interested just link back to my blog.

  3. Hi Shawn, it's a pleasure.
    To make the link work, put in the following code taking out my blog address and name and putting in the details of the person you want.
    Jester Crafts

  4. Oh dear, it automatically change the code to the link! If you can let me have your email I can show you that way.
    I'm off to bed now, so I'll be in touch in the morning. night!

  5. I found a site that shows how to make a link:

    I am happy to go through it for you, though, if you leave me your email address - I will delete it from my blog so no-one else can see it.

  6. Oh my... love the hearts, Shawn!
    The colors and doodling are fantastic :]