Monday, February 20, 2012

New pages

Okay- I finally got a few pages done.
This one is okay, but I'm not super happy with it. I tried out some fabric paint pens and did NOT like them- they made a mess! Otherwise I practiced some lettering and made a cloud stencil. Not all pages will we love, but the painting is fun!
This one is definitely leftovers. The girl in the middle is leftover ink from a great stencil. In the daisy at the top I tried some oil pastels- I might do some more on the other daisy later.

This page was fun! The white was a toilet paper tube dipped in paint. I like to try lots of different things (as you probably have guessed by now). The hardest part for me is the journaling or the title. But this one just looked like enjoying life! Have a great week!


  1. I really like your rain page, although you don't! The other two are fabulous - so vibrant and full of life.

  2. I am lov'in the "enjoy life" journal page.
    Very creative, Shawn :]