Friday, July 22, 2011

flip-flap journal pages

Progressing, but not as fast as before... Very interesting working with something like these paint brochures- it makes neat texture with the little squares under my paint. I'm just using acrylics scraped on with a credit card, gesso circles, star stencil with gesso, collage with maps and music. So far...I have ideas brewing...


  1. You're doing so good with these. I still don't even have all mine gessoed!

  2. Ya yes.. it is different.
    Some of the brochures have some real fun textured-squares to play around with. :]
    Look'in good gal!!
    I like the look of the maps & music sheets for square collage pieces, very creative.
    Will have to try that, on my next flip-flap journal.
    Take care <3