Saturday, July 16, 2011

last pages of this journal

These are the last few pages of this art journal. I've already started on the next one :)
Monday I'll post the cover which turned out very cool. Have a great weekend!
I'm off to the sidewalk sales and maybe hitting a few yard sales-FUN!


  1. You have a very cool journal! I always feel happy but also a bit sad when I finish a journal. But there's always another one waiting to be filled.

  2. Very nice work!
    Can not wait to see the cover of your journal :]
    Have fun junk hunting... how exciting, love it myself.
    p.s. yes I did gesso these journal pages first, because they are pamphlets from the hardware store. Hope that was helpful.
    Take care <3

  3. Congrats on finishing your journal! I love starting a new one - so many blank pages to explore!

  4. I've really enjoyed looking at your pages! Beautiful work!